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Copper Bracelets

Image Fold-Formed-Copper-Shell-Necklace-JBSCN24-1-Copper-Jewelry-by-John-S-Brana-300x300.jpg

Copper Tops Fall Jewelry Trends

Fold Formed Copper Shell Necklace by jewelry designer John S Brana If Gold is considered a precious metal then Copper could be thought of as a down-to-earth relative. With the cost of materials like gold and silver skyrocketing, jewelry makers were left looking for a versatile and affordable medium to work with. After being used for thousands of years, Copper has stood the test of time and can stand for either elegancy or earthiness with ease. Worn as a symbol of high status by ancient Egyptians, Copper has enjoyed a long and undisputed reign as a top jewelry making metal. It is used to harden other softer metals and is often included in gold and silver blends. Celebrities strutted their stuff down the Oscar runway this year with Copper bangles, quickly making the trend pop. Copper is easy to work with and abundantly available making it an affordable accessory for anyone. This spicy colored metal makes beautiful , rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet by John S Brana Copper jewelry holds up beautifully…